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The most important recent research and utilitary achievements in years 1999 - 2003:

- methodology and application of simulated research on soil susceptibility to surface water erosion and wind erosion;

- digital methodology of cameral research on spatial structure of rural roads in relief - theoretical beckground and GIS implementation;

- application of spatial modeling software (EROSION 3D, SINMAP, SWAT, Watershed Modeling System).



Among most importand research and utilitarian achievements in years 1972-1996 one can rate:

- unification of the terminology related to soil erosion and anti-erosion meliorations, as well as preparation of classification of erosion processes adapted to geographical conditions of Poland and methodological hints to erosion research;

- quantitatve and qualitative assessment of mechanical and chemical denudation in eroded watersheds, agricultural subbasins and agro-ecosystems;

- rules and ways for mapping terrains threaten by wind and water erosion, for spatial planning purposes, as well as for rural grounds, especially on uplands, for projecting purposes;

- application of mathematical models describing erosional soil loss - USLE (conventional and teledetection data sources)) and EPIC, on polish loess areas;

- spatial and auantitative recognition of water erosion threat structure, occurence of gully erosion within fisiographical, administrative and hydrographic units of poland. The structure of wind erosion threat in Poland;

- methods and application of orchards on loess slopes - evaluation of their protective and economic efficacy ;

- methods and application of loess gullies' treatment, including road gullies and strenghtening of slopes;

- rules of spatial and technology of road strenghtening on eroded upland landscapes;

- basics, rules and patterns of complex mangament of upland areas threatend by water erosion, considering land improvements and erosion control meassures (meliorations).

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