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ongoing work:

  1. An extensive set of research programms on soil-related issues started. Addressing the research needs for implementing Soil Directive in Poland.
  2. Modeling erosion rates and surface water contaminants on rural areas with SWAT model.
  3. Fundamental research on wind and superficial water erosion in natural and simulated conditions continues. New research being installed.
  4. Country-wide assessment of soil erosion risk continues.


finished work:

Estimating actual erosion map of water erosion risk in Poland basing on avaiable spatial data bases - KBN research grant. Project's website started: AWER


Grodarz Erosion Control Project - project's website

Gully erosion; protected landscape; upland loess watershed; spatial modeling; spatial analyses of: structure of rural road net and plots in relief; potential and actual surface water erosion; flood risk; erosion control measures; gully treatment.


Model Research on Soil Susceptibility to Water and Wind Erosion in Simulated Conditions - english version soon avaiable

Patented deflameter, sprinkler, experimental plots, simulated rain, natural rain, simulated wind.




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