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The research area presents the upland watershed of Grodarz stream, located in junction of three phisiographic regions: Naleczow Plateu, Belzycka Plain and Malopolski Vistula Gorge. It's a relatively small watershed with area of about 3000 ha. The reach and diverce landscape of the northen part of the watersheds is located on Naleczow Plateu on deep loess and silty soils overlaying calcarous bedrock - an area cut by various forms of gullies in various development stages (total length of about 56km). The specifics of the town Kazimierz Dolny, known as "the polish perl of the renesaince", localised at the outlet of the Grodarz watershed appears also in the history of most of the gullies, which have their own names (for example Norowy Deep, Chołajowy Depp or Root Deep) and often dated history.The existancee of gullies and steep slopes is acoompanied by surface water erosion and sporadically by suffosion as well as locally by mass movements. Gullies also heavy influence watershed's hydrology, accelarating surface flow and deminishig water retention of adjacent plots. In the history of Kazimierz Dolny occured sporadicall, but very intensive, mud flows accompanying cloudburstes and intensive snow melting. One of such disasters appeared in Kazimierz Dolny on April, 25, 1976 (I=40mm/h, t=1h), when the marketplace of Kazimierz Dolny was covered by about 50cm layer of sediments.

Gullies present undoubtedly the threat for the Kazimierz Dolny town, although they shape its rare specifics and climate. The truth is, that without gully erosion forested areas wouldn't exist on the fertile loess uplands! Climatic and healthy virtues of the fresh forestial habitats overgrowing gullies' slopes, rare and protected species of animals and plants as well as emerging here and there history of this area and Kazimierz Dolny - the perl of the renessaince build the landscape of the Grodarz watershed - landscape, which must be curbed sometimes, but above all protected.

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